Hookers Chill with Lisa Ling

in Nevada Brothel News

Selfies have been surfacing on social media picturing a variety of floozies posing with Lisa Ling. This can mean one of two things: Either Lisa Ling is giving up her career as an award winning journalist to become a hooker in Nevada, or she’s featuring several legal prostitutes on her CNN program This is Life with Lisa Ling.

Looks like many of the hooksters in the photos are from the various fine establishments owned by whore-lord Dennis Hof. Which makes sense since Hof isn’t shy when it comes to media attention.

If you don’t know who Lisa Ling is, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years. Her show is a documentary program that showcases various subcultures and unusual communities, profiling “ordinary people with extraordinary lives.” Nevada prostitutes indubitably fit that description.


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