Lamar Odom Top Search Term of 2015!

in Nevada Brothel News

Just how big a news item was Lamar Odom’s overdose at a Nevada Brothel? This big! His name was the number one search term in 2015. His history as a star athlete combined with his relationship to the Kardashians – and the scandalous circumstances in which his unfortunate situation occurred – made him the sweetest search candy of the year.

But what does all this attention mean for Nevada’s legal brothel industry? It means business! Dennis Hof, owner of the Love Ranch South where Lamar was found unconscious from a drug overdose after a multi-day sex marathon, told TMZ that there is a 12 month waiting list for the VIP suite where Odom did the nasty. Hof said that revenue has tripled since the Odom incident and that his hookers have been working around the clock servicing 75 men a day!

Looks like there’s no such thing as bad publicity when it comes to selling snatch…



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