Jennifer O’Kane: Prostitutes Fear Exposure After Odom Incident

in Nevada Brothel News

The Las Vegas Review Journal recently published a story titled “Life goes on at rural brothel in Northern Nevada despite Odom scandal in Nye County.” The article features Jennifer O’Kane, madam of the Calico Club in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

O’Kane criticizes the way brothel baron Dennis Hof dealt with the media firestorm surrounding the Lamar Odom scandal. She suggests that because Hof took advantage of the massive media attention and brought Nevada brothels into the limelight, Nevada working girls will now fear that their anonymity and privacy could be seriously compromised by news agencies.

Unlikely, said Richard Hunter, a spokesperson for Hof. “The girls directly involved with Lamar Odom are back at work. No girls have run away; neither have any of our customers.” In fact, business is better than ever at Hof’s Love Ranch, the brothel where Odom overdosed on drugs.

Maybe O’Kane is onto something – or maybe she just has a beef with the competition. If her recent anti-Hof YouTube interviews are any indication, this lady is one grumpy hooker…

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