Dennis Hof vs. The Kardashians

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As TMZ reported this week, Dennis Hof has invited Lamar Odom back to his Love Ranch Brothel, offering the reality TV star a free night of sex with two girls of Odom’s choice. Looks like America’s pimp has no hard feelings toward the celebrity who OD’d in his fine establishment and caused a media firestorm that resulted in the top search term of 2015.

However, Hof does appear to have a beef with Khloe, Kim, and just about everyone and anything Kardashian.

“I think [Lamar] needs to get rid of the Kardashian clan,” Hof said in a TMZ/Periscope interview. “When he came to the Love Ranch he picked two girls, and both of them put together didn’t have a butt as big as Khloe’s.”

Hof went on to refer to Khloe as Lamar’s “Idiot wife” and said that Odom will “not get right until he gets rid of the Kardashians.”

Can’t get enough of the Hof/Kardashian feud? No worries, it’s sure to be continued in this season’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians…


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