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Free Sex at Sheri’s Ranch?

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Looks like three lucky bastards will be banging away at Sheri’s Ranch free of charge this January! As part of a promotion that coincides with CES 2016, the biggest annual trade show in Las Vegas, the ranch is giving away complimentary snatch – and a free dinner. CES is a big deal for Sheri’s Ranch since the whorehouse is located near Vegas. They say that business increases 70% during the show and that the sex giveaway is a way of “giving back” to the CES community. Hey, as far as gestures of appreciation go, the “hot, unbridled sexual activity” that…

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Lamar Odom’s Hookers: Open For Business

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They’re back! And just in time for Christmas! After taking a much needed break from turning tricks, Lamar Odom’s notorious hookers are back at Love Ranch South. Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, the two sex workers who had a $75K sex-travaganza with Odom prior to finding him unconscious from a drug overdose, have returned to the famous Nevada brothel and are seeing customers. Want to party like an A-list celebrity? Well, take a number!  TMZ reports that earlier in December the ladies already had 20 clients lined up and ready to experience a VIP-style romp fit for a star athlete. This is…

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